State-of-the-art factory
backed by 35+ years experience

Our manufacturing plant is centrally located in the UK. With over 30,000 sq ft of cutting-edge manufacturing capacity, CNC production, and logistics that fit seamlessly into your supply chain, we’ve thought of everything. From first concept to delivery, we can create a high-quality, on-trend and successful OEM bathroom furniture range for you.


For precision, speed and control

Our CNC machines include industry-leading Homag beam saws, edgebanders, drills and routers. Along with our Magi-Cut software, they enable us to manufacture exactly what you want while maximising your yield. And we’re happy to produce your contract fitted and free-standing bathroom furniture in either small runs or volumes of up to 250 units per day.


For a smooth transition from design to production

Whether you bring us your ideas or we develop a design together, we’ll create drawings to help you visualise and fine-tune your own-label bathroom furniture. These then go into computer-aided manufacture – so from the earliest ideas to beautifully finished products, you can rely on us for flexibility, accuracy and efficiency.


For a perfect finish every time

Choose from a wide range of materials to complete the look on your fitted or free-standing private-label bathroom furniture. Our Homag edgebander shaves the raw edge, applies PU glue, and then fits the required edging tape (which can be anywhere from 0.8mm to 2mm thick). And it’s all designed to stand up to ever-changing bathroom humidity levels.


Carefully put together by hand

Our meticulous bathroom furniture assemblers will hand-fit your cams, dowels, hinges and drawer boxes before adding in the handles, instructions and protective corners. Then they’ll carefully package each unit, ensuring the boxes are accurately labelled. They’re also very skilled at producing hand-made pre-production prototypes.


Right item, right place, right time

A beautiful piece of bathroom furniture is no use if it arrives damaged or incomplete, it’s the wrong item, or it arrives somewhere else entirely. That’s why we take great care at every stage, from palletising to wrapping, loading, and shipping to individual destinations. Wherever and whenever you need it, we deliver. Without fail.

Working with us

Working with you to create your standout bathroom furniture

Stage 1

Your Brief
Let’s talk about your objectives

Stage 2

Your Specification
Confirming it all pre-production

Stage 3

Your Prototypes
Fine-tuning your requirements

Stage 4

Precision at any scale

Stage 5

Complete & Deliver
Right product, right place, right time
OEM sales